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Brake Camshafts

Brake Camshafts

Restore Braking Performance of Semi Trucks, Tractors, and Trailers

Restore your brakes to their peak level of performance with a new brake camshaft (S-Cam) for your truck, tractor or trailer. Even under normal conditions your S-Cams can become worn or damaged. When the S-Cam becomes worn, the effectiveness of your braking can suffer. This is why it is important to replace your brake camshafts whenever they show signs of wear. S-Cams are available for each axle type and are made in many varieties so it is essential to know the measurements of the camshaft that is being replaced.

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Camshaft Installation

When replacing the camshaft of your brakes on your truck, tractor or trailer, it is very important to replace the bushings, washers, seals and lock rings. These components should be replaced together to avoid uneven wear between these items. Such uneven wear can lead to excessive camshaft deflection, causing your brakes to function improperly or even fail.

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How Brake Camshafts Work

The brake camshaft is a part of the brake linkage for heavy duty truck air brakes. The camshaft is the component responsible for spreading the brake shoes apart. In air brake systems, the brake chamber expands and the operating rod pushes on the (brake) slack adjuster. As the operating rod pushes on the slack adjuster, it rotates around the shaft of the S-Cam. When the camshaft is rotated the eccentric shape of the cam head pushes the brake shoes apart. The brake shoes separate and cause friction between the brake lining and the brake drum. It is this friction that slows and stops the vehicle.

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