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Rough Country Leveling Kits

Rough Country Leveling Kits

Rough Country leveling kits are specially designed with your make and model in mind, making them some of the best aftermarket parts on the market today. To get started browsing kits, select the make of your vehicle below. Be sure to also check out our available leveling kit tools.

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If you’ve noticed that the rear of your vehicle is jacked a little higher than the front, it’s not your eyes playing tricks on you or a factory defect. Auto manufacturers create the imbalance, called “rake,” to compensate for any heavy loads you might add to the trunk or truck bed, preventing the occurrence of sagging or bottoming out. A Rough Country leveling kit will not only correct the imbalance but also prepare your vehicle for larger tires with the added bonus of more ground clearance in the front. And, because you’re only modifying the height of the front of your vehicle, there’s no impact on your payload or handling. Rough Country works carefully with your vehicles specifications to create leveling parts that fit seamlessly into your vehicle’s current components, whether you’re taking your Silverado off road or looking to even out your F150. These kits are ideal for creating a more aggressive look with added height without making major changes and alterations to your suspension system. Choose from coil spring spacers and torsion bar keys designed for your vehicle, and if you have any questions give us a shout at 800-358-4751.

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Rough Country 2 Inch Leveling Kits
If your vehicle’s front sits slightly lower than the back, it’s an imbalance known as rake that’s meant to compensate for the weight of heavy loads. A Rough Country 2” leveling kit will correct that imbalance without changing your carrying capacity or the factory ride. To get started, choose your make below.

Rough Country 2-1/2 Inch Leveling Kit
When you add weight to your vehicle, the factory imbalance between the front and the back, known as rake, compensates for the heavy load. It’s practical, but can be undesirable in appearance when you’re unloaded, and a Rough Country 2.5” leveling kit can reduce the rake. To get started, choose your make below.

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