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SumoSprings - Airless Airbag Kits

SumoSprings - Airless Airbag Kits

SumoSprings is the world’s first and only "airless airbag" suspension system for trucks and vans. Level your load with an advanced high grade, closed cell polyurethane foam SumoSpring. These truck helper springs require no air and once you install them you can forget about them.

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SumoSprings are an airless suspension enhancement designed to level loads, reduce sway and improve the ride and handling on trucks, vans, buses and RVs. The more you load them the more support they provide.

  • Minimal expansion under loading, will work in confined spaces.
  • Compressible to 70% and extendable to 30% of its unloaded height with full memory rebound.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance, highly resilient to oils, salts and UV rays.
  • Closed cell foam won’t rupture and can be punctured without loss of performance.
  • Zero maintenance required ever, fit it and forget it.
  • SumoSprings kits have all been designed to be “no-drill” installation.
  • Levels your load and maintains front end alignment for safer driving. Reduces sag, bounce, sway and bottoming out.
  • All SumoSprings are made in the USA.
  • All Kits inlcude 2 SumoSprings as well as mounting instructions and all necessary hardware to get the job done.
airless air suspension kit


SumoSprings are used in a variety of applications including recreational, commercial, individuals and fleets. They offer step by step, easy to follow instructions and reduce overall vehicle maintenance costs. Whether you are looking to increase ride comfort or load support, this versatile option does it all.


Mounting Styles

SumoSprings are available in the three mounting styles shown below and vary based on vehicle application. Use our vehicle application guide to determine the best SumoSpring for your vehicle.

The Solo Sumospring is a one piece component that is fixed to one side, used to replace or upgrade the vehicles factory bump stops.


The Maxim is a one piece component that is attached at the top and bottom. It supports up to 50% expansion of the original body height.


This two piece component is mounted on the top and bottom. Using separate male and female pieces to support limitless travel.


SumoSpring Densities

In addition to the above mounting styles, SumoSprings are also available in three densities. SumoSpring densities are distinguished according to color as shown below, ranging from light and medium, to heavy duty. When multiple densities are available, pick the density that best suits your needs and ride preferences.

The Blue-40 density traps more air in the millions of micro-cellular bubbles, making an air spring sufficient for light and medium duty performance.


The Black-47 density evenly distributes the amount of urethane and air bubbles to produce an air spring sufficient for light, medium, and heavy duty performance.


The Yellow-54 density captures a smaller amount of air in the air spaces making a harder air spring sufficient for medium and heavy duty performance.



Engineered For Tough Environments

sumosprings installed

SumoSprings are a load support product that can be used in the front or rear of your vehicle designed to stabilize sway, reinforce load carrying capacity, and improve overall driver control and ride comfort. The maintenance free design does not

leak air and does not require air lines or compressors. The best thing about SumoSpring's is the more you load them the more they resist. They are made of a high grade, closed cell polyurethane foam that is ideal for the tough truck and commercial environment.

Similar in feature and functionality to other suspension overload support products we offer, these springs are designed to withstand the worst that the elements have to offer at an affordable price.

SumoSprings vs. Timbren

We offer two of the best fixed load support helper springs on the market. Not sure which option is the best for you? Be sure to check out our Timbren vs SumoSprings page that discusses the difference between the two.

Timbren SES vs Sumosprings


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The colors represent the spring density. They are made with three different densities and can be identified by color and the last part of the part number. The blue SumoSprings (light density) end in a -40, black (medium density) end in a -47, and yellow (heavy duty) end in a -54. Some applications will only have one color available and is what the manufacturer has determined works best for your vehicle make and model. Other vehicles may have multiple colors to choose from and what you are using the vehicle for will help determine which color to pick.

They are both designed to do the same thing, but the major difference is that SumoSprings do not use air the same way a traditional air suspension kit does. With traditional kits, you will need some source of air to inflate the air bag. You inflate and deflate as needed. SumoSprings use air pockets in a urethane material that does not require inflation. They are always ready to go and will never leak.

They use what is considered a progressive spring rate spring with a cushion material that will increase your ride support with a heavy load. They will have a positive impact on your ride quality and will not stiffen the ride as other helper springs may.

Both will provide extra support and work in a very similar fashion. The feedback that we have received is that SumoSprings typically provide a softer ride than a Timbren SES Bump Stop kit. The foam type spring is more progressive and tends to expand and contract better with the load. Both are good, and it will depend on the application, but overall, we prefer SumoSprings over Timbren as they are less harsh.

They will not have any impact on your ride height when you are not towing. SumoSprings are designed to help maintain factory ride height, but will not increase it over stock levels.

They replace your bump stops and typically can be used with a fifth wheel hitch or a gooseneck trailer hitch. We recommend reading the instructions for your specific application and then looking at where your fifth wheel hitch mounts. Because they mount in place of your bump stops it is rare that they will not work with a fifth wheel hitch.

This will depend on the kit. Most kits do not require drilling. As with any suspension kit, we recommend reading the instructions to determine what is required for a successful installation.

No air is required. No air lines, leaks, or air pressure to worry about.

They are designed to be progressive, so If you have a heavier load on one side of your truck, as you compress the SumoSpring on that side, the SumoSpring is going to react and support a greater load, thus helping it level from side to side.

Yes, if you are mechanically inclined and have the basic tools you can install SumoSprings yourself. Most of the kits are bolt on installation and are not technically difficult to install.

The capacity listed on our site for SumoSprings is for the complete kit and not per spring.

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Out of 23 reviews, the average customer rating for SumoSprings - Airless Airbag Kits: 4.8 out of 5.

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