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SuspensionMaxx Leveling Kits

SuspensionMaxx Leveling Kits

SuspensionMaxx has coil spring spacers and torsion bar keys to level the front of your vehicle with the rear, evening out the factory rake most heavy duty trucks and SUVs have. To get started, select the make of your vehicle below.

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Feeling down about how much lower the front of your vehicle is in comparison to the rear? Want to add larger tires but don’t want to invest in a lift kit? A leveling kit from SuspensionMaxx will bring your vehicle’s front even with the rear, correcting the imbalance known as “rake,” while also preparing your suspension for larger vehicles. In comparison to their lift kit counterparts, leveling kits only affect the height of the front of your vehicle and work with your current suspension to add extra ground clearance. Coil spring spacers and torsion bar keys are designed with the suspension of your make and model in mind and can give you a custom lift without needing to replace numerous parts. Leveling kits will also preserve your factory ride and load capacity, with lifts up to 3 inches to accommodate tires up to 35 inches in diameter. Have a question about installation or sizing? Our licensed and trained suspension experts can help you at 800-358-4751.

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