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Timbren SES Bump Stops

Timbren SES Bump Stops

Timbren SES (suspension enhancement system) Kits are easy to install, and require no maintenance. Made of rubber, the timbren bump stop is mounted between the truck chassis and the axle. Timbrens work with the existing suspension to eliminate sagging leaf springs and to protect it from suspension overload, bottoming out, and vehicle body sway.

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Each patented Aeon® rubber spring is engineered to provide comfort and stability while absorbing road shock. Maintain exceptional suspension performance under the stress of heavy loads with SES suspension upgrades.

  • Eliminates trailer sway & roll.
  • Easy bolt-on & pop-in installation.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Satisfaction guarantee.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Improves your vehicle's ride.
  • Protects against the effects of overloading.
  • Each kit is complete with all the necessary parts.
  • No special tools or skills are required to install your Timbren kit.
  • Added stability to trucks, vans and RVs
timbren bump stops


Timbren bump stops absorb road shocks and automatically adjust to uneven loads or road conditions. No air lines or fittings to leak. A direct replacement for your existing suspension bump stop, just bolt the kit on and you are all set for a lifetime of trouble free service.


Most of the timbren upgrades only require a socket wrench to install, and typically take less than an hour to install. No holes to drill or airlines to route. Read our Timbren installation guide and watch the Timbren installation video for more installation help.

timbren installation


timbren springs

Does the rear of your truck sag when connecting your 5th wheel or boat trailer? When you hook up your snow plow, does the front of your plow truck dip down a little farther than you would like? Timbren offers high quality suspension enhancement kits for the front and rear of almost every truck on the road.

Timbren Industries' products enhance a vehicle's empty ride quality, while providing protection against overloading, road shock, bottoming out, sway and broken springs. Front axle kits prevent front end nose diving. Together, these features provide a smooth, level ride, even with heavy loads. The rubber springs are mounted between the truck frame and the axle, acting as a bump stop to improve the ride of your truck and to protect springs against overloading. Best of all, they're air-less, which means that you don’t need any additional parts to get your vehicle on the road with enhanced suspension performance.

Find a set of Timbrens for your truck by selecting your vehicle make at the top of this page.


Timbren Suspension Upgrades are perfect whether you are towing trailers everyday or just for the weekend. Watch this video to learn more. Timbren SES For Towing.

TOWING - Keep your tow vehicle level and eliminate trailer body roll and sway with a timbren suspension upgrade. Confidently tow trailers of any size.

Watch this video to learn more about Timbren Suspension Enhancements and how they will help to eliminate front end squat. Timbren SES For Snow Plows

SNOW PLOWS - Does the front of your truck sag when your snow plow is mounted? Improve snow plow performance and protect your truck's suspension with Timbren SES.

Whether it's a tool box, a load of dirt or camping equipment, Timbren suspension upgrades is designed to keep your vehicle level. Timbren SES for Trucks, Vans, and SUVs

TRUCKS, VANS, AND SUVS - If you are looking for better performance out of your Truck, Van, or SUV, look no further. Timbren suspension upgrades provides excellent ride quality and stability for your vehicle on even the heaviest loads.

Video to help determine Timbren SES is right for your commercial truck needs. Timbren Suspension For Commercial Trucks

WORK TRUCKS - If you are carrying heavy loads and equipment you are at risk of damaging the average leaf or air spring. Timbren bump stops are an economical, and easy upgrade to protect your work truck.


Looking to beef up your suspension but not sure if Timbren SES is right for you? Check out our Timbren vs Airbags article that discusses the difference between the two.

Timbren SES vs Air Bags

Timbren vs. Sumosprings

These are two very popular and well reviewed fixed load support options. It's not always easy to decide which one to go with. We discuss some of the differences and similarities in our Timbren vs SumoSpring page and video to help you pick.

Timbren SES vs Sumosprings


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If you look at your axle you will see a factory bump stop, also referred to as a jounce bumper. A Timbren SES (Suspension Enhancement System) kit replaces the factory bump stops with taller and higher capacity rubber AEON progressive rate springs. The timbren springs come into contact with your axle once a load is applied, preventing the vehicle from sagging and reducing sway. The springs are progressive, meaning that they provide more help, as the load progressively increases - as a result, they will not impact your factory ride when unloaded.

No. They will help reduce sagging leaf springs and reduce body roll but it will not increase the vehicle's GVWR. You will have a better towing experience, but you cannot exceed the ratings on your vehicle set by the manufacturer.

Timbren kits include: 2 bump stops (rubber Aeon springs), brackets, bolts, nuts, and spacers if needed. Everything is included, except for the hand tools to do the installation.

Timbren uses AEON rubber springs that are progressive, so they expand and contract when a load is applied on them. They are hollow on the inside and gradually support the load when it is applied. The spring rate increases progressively when the weight increases. They are designed to only use the high weight rating when a load is used that matches that rating. This creates a softer ride when towing light loads and a nice firm supportive ride when hauling the big loads.

This is a very common question. If both suspension kits are available for your truck, which do you choose? They both have their advantages and the ultimate answer will come down to your application and personal preferences. The Timbren advantage: easier to install; you don’t have to worry about air lines, leaks, etc.; and once you install them you can forget about them. Air bag suspension kits on the other hand take more time to install, but they are adjustable so you can get the exact ride you want with varying loads or off center loads.

Your application will also be a determining factor in which is best. If you are towing a horse trailer, we recommend the adjustability of air bags. If you have a landscape truck that multiple employees are going to be driving, we would recommend Timbrens so you don’t have to worry about monitoring the air pressure and risking damage to the bags due to running them without air. If you’re not sure, feel free to call us at 1-800-358-4751 and speak with one of our suspension specialists regarding your specific application.

We recommend severe service or heavy duty kits for commercial applications and customers that constantly haul heavy loads like slide-in campers, salt-spreaders, or landscape trailers. To obtain the heavier weight rating that is found in a severe service kit, you will sacrifice some of the ride quality for increased support. Weekend campers, boat trailers, and rv haulers, typically prefer a smoother ride, and do not haul constant heavy loads, thus the severe service kit is not needed.

Technically, yes you can use them in conjunction with a Hellwig Helper spring, but typically it is not necessary. The location that Timbren springs mount allows them to be used with other suspension enhancement products. Using both at the same time will take away the effectiveness of the other. If your Timbren spring starts supporting the load first, the Hellwig spring may be unused and not necessary to have. This is the same if the Hellwig kit kicks in first.

Timbren is an excellent solution for Snow Plows. We have snow plow, landscape and snow removal customers that have been using Timbren for years. They are the best solution we have found for front end nose diving when you hook up a plow. We have installed them on everything from Ford F-150’s up to large municipality trucks and have had great results and feedback from our customers. The extra support prevents the front from sagging and will increase the life of your front suspension.

The weight rating that Timbren uses is the amount the springs can support. It would be the tongue weight of the trailer and whatever you have loaded in the back of your truck combined. The kits typically have weight ratings higher than any tongue weight and cargo capacity combination you would be using without going over your gross vehicle weight rating.

No, these suspension kits are designed to support weight and prevent the front or back of your truck from sagging. They will not create lift above the stock height. We carry a full line of suspension lift kits, if you are considering increasing the height of your truck.

No, it's not necessary. If you just have sagging leaf springs in the rear suspension, we recommend installing a suspension kit in the rear and driving it for a while. Same goes with front kits. However, for commercial applications with snow plows and salt spreaders, it is recommended to install both a front and a rear kit.

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Out of 225 reviews, the average customer rating for Timbren SES Bump Stops: 4.7 out of 5.

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