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Flexiride Torsion Axles

Advancements in science, high technology, design, and materials has had an enormous impact on just about everything in our world today, and trailers are no exception. If you have anything at all to do with trailers, whether you operate a manufacturing and/or repair facility, or are an end user who uses them to haul heavy equipment, containers, ATVs and motorcycles, boats, horses, or anything else, you need to take a close look at Flexiride Rubber Torsion Trailer Axles. Once you learn about the advanced performance Flexiride axles provide, a much smoother ride with superior damping control, increased safety, ability to be adjusted to different trailer heights to accommodate different loads, excellent durability and long-life, easy installation, and maintenance-free operation, you’ll be convinced that Flexiride technology has indeed brought trailer suspensions into the 21st century, and beyond.

Introducing Flexiride® Rubber Torsion Trailer Axles

Developed by The Universal Group LLC, Flexiride rubber torsion axles are truly a marvel of simplicity and innovation in design and advanced materials and construction. They consist of only three basic components - a rubber cartridge, utilizing a special rubber created with a Flexiride proprietary formula, bonded to a steel shaft with a bonding strength exceeding steel, a support bushing, and a replaceable one-piece spindle arm that uses a moveable torsion bar to allow you to easily adjust the height of the trailer. This simplicity is the keystone to their durability and maintenance-free performance.

Customizable Trailer Axles

Although Flexiride Rubber Torsion Trailer Axles are customizable to many different configurations depending on your needs, there are two basic designs available:


This is a full-width axle that also acts as a reinforcing frame member that uses two independent torsion bars, one on each side, to allow for opposite wheels to be adjusted to different heights.

flexiride full axle
  1. Unique Rubber Cartridge Design
  2. One Piece Spindle Arm.
  3. Independent Suspension
  4. Soft, quiet and practically shock-free ride
  5. No need for equalizers and other hardware

Perfect for special applications and light-duty trailers with a weight range of 425 lbs to 7,000 lbs, these offer the narrowest track center possible, and are also independently adjustable. Flexiride axles fit all industry standard drums, hubs, and brakes, including Kodiak disc brakes.

flexiride half axle
  1. Ideal for boat trailers.
  2. 425 lbs. to 7,000 lbs capacity range.
  3. Built in camber.
  4. One of the lightest suspension systems on the market.


  1. Each wheel travels completely independent of the others.
  2. Comfortable, quiet and essentially shock free.
  3. No need for equalizers or hardware.

Benefits of Flexiride Rubber Torsion Axles

It’s hard to beat the great performance you’ll enjoy from your Flexiride Rubber Torsion Axles, including.

A smoother and more comfortable ride:

The high-quality proprietary rubber used in a Flexiride rubber torsion axle, along with the independent suspension which allows each tire to operate independently from the others, means reduced noise, less sway, and a super-smooth ride. Also, the progressive torque characteristics, which increases load carrying capacity as a load is progressively applied, means a smooth ride even when your trailer is unloaded.

Stronger and safer construction:

The spindle arm is forged in one piece, making it much stronger than a welded component. A full axle acts as a frame cross member, increasing structural integrity and helping to prevent frame twisting. Since the rubber cartridge is enclosed inside the axle, there are no points to pinch.

Adjustable trailer height:

The torsion bar, a splined joint, is adjustable from six degrees above to degrees below the horizontal, allowing it to accommodate a great variety of applications. Since the spindle isn’t welded in place, it can easily be replaced by simply removing a bolt.

Quick and easy installation:

The basic configuration of Flexiride rubber torsion axles require only four bolts to install them on the frame, although some customized versions might require some welding.

Adjustable trailer height
Maintenance free operation:

With no metal-to-metal contact between any of the components in the system, there’s no need for lubrication, and there are no other parts, like hangers, shackles, and shocks, to wear out.

Maintenance free operation:

With no metal-to-metal contact between any of the components in the system, there’s no need for lubrication, and there are no other parts, like hangers, shackles, and shocks, to wear out.

Flexiride Axles Vibration Dampening Technology

The unique design of of the rubber cartridge component of Flexiride axles allows it to work in shear rather than compression, which means better vibration dampening due to improved angular compliance, much better than cord-type axles. There is no need for shock absorbers with these rubber torsion axles.

flexiride system
flexiride system

flexride technical downloads

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