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Body & Cab

Body & Cab

Truck Body Parts

Heavy-duty trucks experience wear and tear like no other vehicles. Long workdays, heavy loads, and high mileage take their toll on all aspects of the truck, including the body and the cab. It can be easy to ignore issues with the body and cab but by doing so you are inviting other problems. By taking care of minor worn items as the need presents itself you can prevent the build-up of small issues that can turn a good truck into something unreliable.

At TruckSpring.com we carry a variety of body can cab replacement parts that help improve the everyday convenience and safety while using your truck.

  • Door Strikers – Door strikers will wear over time and can be damaged if the door is closed on something. A bent door striker can jam the door up when it is opened or closed, and a worn striker can prevent the door latch from securely grasping the striker. Replacing a bad striker can make the act of getting in and out of the truck easier and keep the door from rattling.

  • Hood cables and StrapsHood cables and straps will limit the range of motion of the truck’s hood to prevent damage when it is opened. If a hood is not able to be easily opened alone, the chances of a proper pre-trip inspection, or even checking the oil is slim.

  • Hood springs – Hood springs work in conjunction with hood cables to slow the opening of the hood and limit where the travel ends to help prevent damage. Hood springs stretch every time the hood is open, and they will fatigue over time. Eventually, a weak hood spring will break and may break the cable with it.

  • Hood Latches – Hood latches keep the hood of your heavy-duty truck closed. Traditional hood latches are a rubber strap that stretches tight to keep pressure on the hood. Newer style latches are cable operated and function similarly to a door latch. A worn or broken latch can cause the hood to move and shift as the truck is driven and may even cause the hood to open during heavy braking.

  • Hood Bumpers, Hood Mounts, and Hood Pins – Depending on the design of the truck there are multiple options for how the hood is guided and held in a position to prevent damage, squeaks, and rattles. Most of these items are rubber and will wear over time as the truck is used. As rattles and squeaks start to appear it may be time to replace these items with a longer-lasting polyurethane replacement.

  • Hood Shocks and Struts – Newer trucks have moved from hood cables and springs to hood shocks and struts. Hood shocks and struts will help slow the opening and closing of the hood with internal springs or gas pressure and a hood strut will lock the hood in the open position. The latch on the strut may wear out or break and the hood shock itself can wear. Replacing hood shocks and struts can make opening the hood easier and protect it from damage.

  • Motor Mounts – Motor mounts isolate the vibration of the engine and prevent it from transferring these vibrations to the frame of the truck. Since the motor mounts are bearing the weight of the engine constantly and managing the torque that is being applied to the frame, they will wear out over time. As motor mounts wear the engine vibrations will begin to be transferred to the frame and felt in the cab and the engine will be allowed to move as the mounts are no longer completely secure. An engine that can move more than it is supposed to can pull on wires, hoses, and linkages and can cause serious damage. Inspecting motor mounts on a regular basis during services will allow for early replacement and prevention of these problems.

Broken hood cables and springs may prevent the hood from being opened on pre-trip inspections and worn door strikers can cause DOT inspection failures if the doors jam up and prevent easy egress. A truck that shakes and vibrates due to worn motor mounts does not instill confidence in its reliability. By maintaining and replacing worn items like these on your truck you can keep the “like new” feeling longer and give the truck a longer working lifespan. If you are looking for body and cab components and having trouble finding what you need please reach out to us at TruckSpring.com or call us at 1-800-358-4751 and we will do our best to find the parts that you need.

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