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Hellwig Helper Springs

Hellwig Helper Springs

We offer a complete line of steel helper springs from Hellwig. They offer simple bolt-on installation and a lifetime warranty. If your towing a small utility trailer or hauling a heavy boat, Hellwig steel helpers springs will help level your truck or suv.

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Hellwig Helper Springs offer an easy and affordable solution for your towing needs. They range from 500 lbs. to 3,500 lbs. of load leveling capacity

  • Prevents sag when towing or hauling
  • Improve handling , traction, braking and safety
  • Cost effective spring solution
  • Made in the USA
  • Simple installation
  • Heavy duty plated hardware
  • Progressive rate leaves
  • Lifetime warranty on all metal components
  • All springs come in hammertone silver powdercoat finish
hellwig helper springs


Hellwig's patented bolt on design makes these helper springs quick and easy to install. Once adjusted, using the heavy duty u-bolts and common hands tools, you are ready to haul a range of equipment and materials with greater control and stability.


hellwig load series helper springs

Hellwig Load Pro Series

This series is often referred to as the LP series and features the Load Pro 25 with a 2,500 lbs. capacity rating and the heavy-duty Load Pro 35 with a whopping 3,500 lbs. capacity. These kits have been around for decades and are the cornerstone of the Hellwig helper spring line. The majority of the overload springs in this series use what is referred to as a progressive spring. Your truck must be loaded to activate the spring and put it into action. As your load increases, so does the work of the helper spring. This is a huge benefit when you do not need the springs, as they will not impact your ride quality when unloaded. Made to install on full size pick-up trucks and vans, these kits simply bolt onto your existing leaf spring pack. Installation can typically be completed in less than a few hours.

Pro Series

The Hellwig Pro Series kits are one of them most popular in the lineup. They utilize polyurethane stability blocks which prevent rattling and reduce noise. They are extremely easy to install, include detailed instructions and can be done without any special tools. Everything needed for the install is included in the box. The springs are a progressive rate design and will not impact your ride when unloaded. The Pro Series have a 2,500 lbs. capacity, to ensure your riding level and your headlights aren’t pointing in the sky. Included are heavy-duty u-bolts that can be adjusted for your specific towing needs.
hellwig pro series

medium duty helper springs

Medium Duty Helper Springs

Looking for a lot of value in one kit? These medium and light duty overload springs from Hellwig offer a big bang for the buck. These kits are excellent for the person who only goes camping every so often, has a lighter tongue weight and needs a little boost in spring assistance. Just like all the other kits in their lineup, these are powder coated and made with heat treated ASTM 5160 alloy spring steel. These kits will reduce sagging and increase stability. Include in this lineup are the very popular EZ-990 and EZ-550 helper springs.


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All Hellwig springs are 100% American Made. They are manufactured with heat treated alloy spring steel in their California factory.

This will depend on the tongue weight of your trailer, how much you are putting in the back of your pickup and the current condition of your suspension. Hellwig offer helper springs from 500 lbs. capacity on up, so this will vary from specific case to case. If you know you have a tongue weight of 750 lbs. and have some sag, we would recommend a kit with a slightly higher capacity to cover the weight and have little extra. In this case a 1,000 lbs. kit may be adequate and a 2,500 lbs. kit would be overkill.

They will have very little affect on the ride when you are not loaded. They sit on top of your leaf springs and you can tighten or loosen the u-bolts to adjust the preload on them. This will reduce any stiffness in the ride when not loaded. If you are consistently hauling heavy loads and keep your preload to the maximum, you will have some stiffness when you are not loaded. This can be reduced by adjusting the u-bolts.

Yes, they include all the necessary mounting hardware. If you purchase a Hellwig helper spring from us, it will have all the hardware required for the installation. They are either included in the kit or bundled together as noted by the part number on our site. If a mounting kit is bundled you will see it at the end of the part number with a dash, ex. 2515-25250. This will include the main helper spring kit, part 2515 and the 25250 mounting kit.

They are sold in sets and will include everything needed to install on both the driver and the passenger side of the vehicle. One kit will do one vehicle.

No. When the helper spring is installed, there is no increase in the bed height of your truck when empty. They will prevent it from going down, but will not raise it up.

The polyurethane stability blocks in the Pro Series are used primarily to place tension between the Hellwig Pro Series and the vehicles main leaf. The spacer keeps the u-bolt and cross bar assembly tight and will prevent noise from lack of tension. They also act as a stabilizer to resist body roll in corners or high wind.

They do not. There are too many other factors that manufactures use to determine the ratings. They will level your truck, make for a more stable, safer ride, but will not change the tow rating.

Yes, they are designed for sagging leaf springs, and will prevent it when towing a travel trailer.

Hellwig overload springs and their components are warranted for the life of the vehicle these products are originally installed upon.

The leaf springs are a critical part of your trucks suspension. If they are bad, we recommend replacing them before putting a helper spring on top of them. Helper springs are designed to work with your leaf spring, but will not replace or repair them. The added support will help, but they work best with leaf springs that are in good working condition.

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