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SuperSprings are patented self-adjusting suspension stabilizers engineered for vehicles with a leaf spring rear suspension. SuperSprings provide users extra load capacity and better vehicle handling and control, without significantly hardening the ride.

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SuperSprings are patented self-adjusting suspension stabilizers engineered for vehicles with a rear leaf spring suspension. By design they provide your truck with extra load capacity and improved handling and control. They install over your vehicle’s existing rear leaf springs. The increase in load carrying capacity delivered by installing SuperSprings helps eliminate vehicle rear-end sag and improves towing capabilities.

  • Fit it and forget it philosophy.
  • Automatically activate as loads are applied.
  • No manual adjustments.
  • Reduce rear end sag without reducing ride quality.
  • Greater driver control thanks to reduced body roll and sway
  • Extremely durable.
  • Made in the USA.
  • They work in conjunction with your existing leaf springs.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Total suspension enhancement.
superspring helper spring


Reduce roll and sway with body stabilizing SuperSprings. They automatically activate as loads are applied to reduce rear end sag and sway, all without compromising ride quality. Best part? They are a total suspension enhancement system! These springs work in conjunction with your existing leaf springs and require no manual adjustment. SuperSprings work in a variety of applications to extend the life of the vehicle.


SuperSprings various shackle designs will have 1, 2, or 3 bolt holes allowing the installer to adjust the SuperSprings. The higher the hole, the more pre-load tension, allowing the SuperSprings to start higher on the spring rate curve. Here is a chart showing the bolt positions for a two-hole shackle.



superspring low pre-load tension


Rear roller bolt in lower hole and Front roller bolt in lower hole.



superspring medium pre-load tension


Rear roller bolt in upper hole and Front roller bolt in lower hole.



superspring max pre-load tension


Rear roller bolt in upper hole and Front roller bolt in upper hole.



superspring high pre-load tension


Rear roller bolt in lower hole and Front roller bolt in upper hole.


SuperSprings are completely self adjusting thanks to the dual roller shackle. They are made of a high-grade steel and the installation can be completed in less than an hour!

Using SuperSprings customized tools SuperClamp, Acme Clamp, Hydraulic Clamp, SuperSprings installations can be completed in less than an hour. Installation does not require disassembly of factory spring assemblies.


SuperSprings are manufactured from SAE 5160H (51% alloy, 60% carbon) high-grade steel, shot peened to relieve spring stress and extend product life.


SuperSprings use a dual-roller shackle. The shackle has an inner roller and an outer roller. As the factory springs extend to the rear, the roller facilitates the movement.



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Helper springs are used primarily to help support the rear of your vehicle, commonly referred to as load leveling. If you notice the back of your truck sags when you hook up your boat or camper, you are a good candidate.

Giving your truck's suspension additional support will help prevent costly repairs down the road - this is especially true for commercial vehicles that are full of equipment, day in and day out. Adding additional load support with SuperSprings can help prevent future repairs.

When you’re overloaded you put yourself and others on the road in an unsafe situation. Supersprings can correct this and provide a safer environment for everyone by removing sag, sway and improving handling.

Yes, they can be installed if you have good mechanical know how and common tools.

Some of the heavier duty kits are much easier to install using the SuperSprings install tools ITL-1, ITL-2 or the ITL-8. The custom installation tools will significantly reduce the installation times and increase safety, but are not required. They are great for repair shops or customers that are going to do more than one install.

We recommend looking at the installation instructions for your application to see exactly what is required and the steps required for install.

This is a very common question that we receive almost daily at Michigan Truck Spring. No load assist product will ever increase your GVWR. The weight rating of your vehicle has many variables: brakes, transmission, suspension that are used to calculate it. Changing one variable will not increase the overall picture, thus the GVWR will not increase.

Supersprings are designed to help support loads and level your vehicle, but will NOT increase ratings that are set by the manufacturer.

This will depend on what the application is and how heavy of a load you plan on carrying. For non-commercial applications, we tend to start lighter and work our way up. For commercial applications like tow trucks, cranes, and flatbed trucks, we recommend using a high tension setting and adjust if needed after a few test runs.

They are considered helper springs and work with your existing leaf springs but will not perform the same as an add-a-leaf. An add-a-leaf is a simple piece of steel that bolts onto your springs and is always in contact. Being engaged at all times results in a stiffer ride while unloaded.

SuperSprings are a suspension stabilizing system that do use a steel leaf, or semi-elliptical spring, but are not always engaged. They use a patented roller setup that provides support only when a load is applied. This results in very little impact to your ride quality when not towing or hauling a heavy truck load.

Both are excellent products that will level your truck and improve the ride when towing or hauling heavy workloads.

For work related applications that are carrying heavy loads and are typically loaded more times than not we typically recommend SuperSprings. We lean towards SumoSprings for weekend campers, motorhomes and customers that are looking for a smoother ride.

It depends on where your air bags are mounted. Many air spring kits today mount on the axle and will not interfere with your installation of SuperSprings. We do have customers using both, but typically it is not needed.

They are sold in pairs and include everything needed to install. They will come with two springs, one for each side of your truck and a mounting kit if needed.

They are both good load support products and each has their advantages. You can adjust the SuperSprings by using the shackle holes, Timbren kits you cannot. Timbren kits are easy to install, cost effective, but are not adjustable. We have satisfied customers using both suspension kits, and it typically comes down to a personal preference.

If you use the low shackle setting you will have very little, if any, impact on an unloaded truck. If you use a high setting and remove the load, you will notice a stiffer rear suspension when unloaded. The roller technology that SuperSprings uses is designed to reduce the impact of the steel helper springs when you are not loaded.

No, they will not lift your truck above stock height. They will work with your existing leaf springs to support weight. This will help lift it back up to stock ride height, but will not go over and above factory height.

They mount directly on top of your leaf springs and do not replace them. They work with them and act as a ‘helper spring’ to support extra weight. You do not have to take apart your existing leaf spring - you install the SuperSprings on top of them.

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Out of 14 reviews, the average customer rating for SuperSprings: 4.8 out of 5.

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