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Firestone Air Bags

Firestone Air Bags for Cars, Trucks, & SUVs

As an authorized Firestone Ride Rite dealer, we carry a complete line of Firestone air bag suspension kits. Browse through the Firestone brands below, or choose your vehicle make/year/model to compare all the Firestone suspension kits that fit your vehicle. Scroll down to find out more about Firestone air bags and to read customer reviews, or view all the Firestone suspension air bag kits we sell. Not sure which suspension air bag kit will work best for your specific vehicle? Call 1-800-358-4751, open until 11pm EST.

Firestone Air Bags

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When it comes to air springs and air bags, no company does it better than Firestone. Firestone's products provide you with the support you need to safely and confidently tow heavy loads and cross challenging terrain. Firestone air spring kits are the solution to your leveling and handling obstacles. Perhaps your vehicle sways from time to time. Maybe you are concerned about the life of your suspension as you use it quite regularly for heavy hauls. In some instances, vehicle headlights end up pointing upwards as the suspension adjusts for the haul's extra weight. If you are experiencing any of these issues or are generally concerned about the condition of your suspension but don't want to radically alter your vehicle's feel or look, a Firestone air spring kit is the solution.


Firestone air spring kits serve several purposes. They provide trucks with much-needed leveling. They also boost the vehicle's handling, significantly mitigating sagging and swaying to provide an an unparalleled ride quality. Pick up a Firestone air spring kit and you won't have to worry about unevenness in your vehicle's body any longer. Sometimes referred to as air bags or helper springs, these springs operate in combination with the current suspension system to boost capacity and stability. If you are concerned with the installation of your air spring kit, don't fret. You don't have to be an engineer to install your new Firestone airbags. A helpful installation guide is provided with every Firestone air spring kit to make the job as simple and quick as possible.

benefits of firestone air springs
  1. Protects your cargo
  2. Prevents unbalanced loads
  3. Easy to install
  4. Reduces bottoming out
  5. Eliminates suspension sag
  6. Increases ride comfort
  7. Improves steering and braking
  8. Preserves tires
  9. Levels headlights
firestone airide air springs

Looking For Heavy Duty Airbags?

Looking for Firestone Airide air springs for your semi-truck, trailer or bus? We have one of the largest inventories of air bags for commercial vehicles in the country. We warehouse hundreds of part numbers, so your truck and trailer can get back on the road in no time.


Firestone provides a number of different air bag options. Whether you own a truck or a heavy duty vehicle, you won't have a problem finding an appropriate Firestone air bag. As an example, RAM, Sierra and Silverado truck owners enjoy considerable utility from Firestone's Ride-Rite and Sport-Rite air spring kits. The ingenuity of the Coil Rite kit is quite remarkable. This air spring has adjustable air pressure, providing as much or as little air as necessary depending on each haul's idiosyncratic circumstances. It functions flawlessly when tasked with supporting heavy loads and even those everyday drives in which the vehicle doesn't have anything in tow.


Vehicle owners looking for a replacement of current airbags will find Firestone's replacements are more than suitable. Firestone air bags are the perfect replacement for those that have worn out. Firestone air bags can even supplement existing air bags for the perfect ride. Vehicle owners are also encouraged to take a look at air compressors and components that facilitate maintenance as well as the the control of air levels. Let's take a look at some specific Firestone air springs and their nuanced benefits.

Load Assist Spring Features Ride-Rite Sport-Rite Coil-Rite Red Label
Most Kits Are No Drill Yes Yes Yes Yes
Average Install Time 1-2 Hrs. 1-2 Hrs. 1 Hr. 1-2 Hrs.
Special Tools No No No No
Min-Max psi 5-100 5-100 5-30 5-150
Increases Vehicle Stability & Reduces Sway Yes Yes Yes Yes
Absorbs Road Shock Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cost Indicator $$$ $$ $ $$$
Reduced Suspension Fatigue Yes Yes Yes Yes
Improves Loaded Ride Yes Yes Yes Yes
Keeps Vehicle Level Yes Yes Yes Yes
Air Adjustable to Level Off-Center Loads Yes Yes Yes Yes


With over 65 years of research and development, Firestone leads the way in air spring components and accessories. They’re one of our most trusted brands with a name that carries a legacy of quality craftsmanship. We’ve been installing Firestone air springs for years and can work with almost any truck or heavy duty vehicle. Feel free to order online to call us to speak with one of our suspension specialists at 1-800-358-4751.

firestone control panel

Air Bag Accessories

We stock a complete line of accessories and service parts for Firestone air bags. Looking to add air with the simple flip of a switch? Firestone air compressor kits are designed to provide the ultimate in convenience and control. Already have an existing air supply, Firestone control panels, air tanks and pressure switches will give you more options.

Need service parts? Need it fast? We warehouse everything from air line tubing and air fittings to replacement air bags.

Lifted truck? No worries. Firestone lifted air bag spacers will fill the gap so you can run them with your lift and not worry about overextending you springs.


Firestone has over six decades of industry success. They are the research and development leader for all things related to air springs. The masterminds at Firestone have perfected air spring components as well as air spring accessories. You won't find a more trusted brand. Firestone products are created with elite craftsmanship and backed by a track record of unmatched quality. Firestone air springs are functional with nearly every truck and heavy duty vehicle on the market.


If you are unable to find the answers to your questions here or on our website, please don't hesitate to call us at 1 800-358-4751

They will not increase your Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). They will help level out your vehicle, prevent the rear from sagging and provide for a safer driving condition, but will not increase the towing capacity. No aftermarket overload or helper springs can change the rating that is set by your truck's manufacturer.

In the past, most of the air spring kits required drilling of the frame. Over the last few years Firestone has replaced many of these kits will new 'no drill' kits that do not require you to drill holes in your frame. There are a few kits remaining that do require drilling. You can download the instructions for each kit on our website and see exactly what is required for the installation.

Air springs do not replace your leaf springs. They work with your trucks leaf springs to provide extra support, but do not replace them.

The air pressure in the lines and spring will equalize. Ideally, they should be near similar lengths, but having one side longer than the other will not cause any problems.

Firestone air bags are designed to prevent your truck from squatting when a heavy load is placed on your suspension. They will bring it back up to stock ride height, but cannot raise and lower the suspension below or above stock ride height.

Air springs are made from rubber so how long they will last will depend on a many factors, including heat, road salt, how hard you are using your air bags, etc. Firestone has some of the highest quality components on the market and they should last for years. Individual replacement air springs are available if one is damaged or needs to be replaced.

The fittings are push-to-connect fittings. You simply push the air line toward the body of the fitting, this will also force the small collar of the air fitting toward the fitting. Hold the collar against the fitting and pull the airline out after the collar releases the air line.

On-board air compressors are not required to inflate the air springs. It is a nice option to have air at your fingertips and not have to worry about finding a gas station that has a working air compressor. All the kits come with 2 inflation valves, one for each air spring. You can inflate and deflate them the same as you would your tires.

Yes, and it is very common. Firestone part 3025 is the fitting that will work with all their air springs kits. Adding this fitting will remove the ability to level side-to-side but many of our customers find it easier to inflate both at the same time and not worry about how much is in each individual air spring.

This is really a personal preference and whatever works best for you. In our shop, we typically install them where they are out of sight. Common locations are near the bottom of the rear bumper, next to the rear license plate, or behind the gas tank flap. As long as they are not near anything really hot or moving parts that will damage them, you can put them wherever you prefer.

This will depend on the year and model of your vehicle. Most of the kits will work with a Fifth wheel hitch or Gooseneck hitches but it is always best to download the instructions on our website for your specific kit and see where the kit mounts and if it will interfere with your setup. Over the past few years, Firestone has developed a lot of kits that mount on the axle to prevent them from interfering with your hitch.

You can also narrow your search by selecting a category:
Firestone Coil Rite
Firestone Coil-Rite air springs are designed for coil spring suspensions. You can alter the performance of your coil spring by simply adding air pressure when needed. Coil-Rite kits are an inexpensive way to level your truck, van and motorhome when towing or hauling heavy loads.

Firestone Sport-Rite
Firestone Sport-Rite air spring kits will support up to 3,000 lbs. and are designed for many half ton pickups and vans. The sleeve style air springs allow fitment where other style air springs will not work. Sport-Rite kits are great leveling out your truck when towing smaller boats or campers.

Firestone Ride-Rite
Firestone Ride-Rite air spring kits have up to a 5,000 lbs. load support capacity and are designed for the heavy haulers. If you are looking for an air spring kit to haul your 5th wheel with your Ford F-350 Super duty or you Chevy Silverado 3500, Firestone Ride-Rite is what you will need.

Firestone Red Label
Firestone Red Label air bag kits are one of the toughest light-duty aftermarket springs ever produced. These kits are made with commercial grade materials and can level your truck up to 7,500 pounds.

Firestone Replacement Air Bags
Do you have a blown air bag in your Firestone air bag kit? Did a rock hit your air bag and you only need to replace one? We stock a complete selection of replacement air bags for Firestone Coil-Rite, Ride-Rite and Sport-Rite air bag kits. Order just one and get your suspension kit back up in running in no time.

Firestone Air Bags Reviews

Out of 353 reviews, the average customer rating for Firestone Air Bags: 4.7 out of 5.

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